What's In My Bag Work Edition

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

This bag is really safe my life. And I got this bag like a real deal. I bought this from Stardivarius last year and I bought it’s because for my travelling companion. Turns out this bag, is officially for my work day bag to go.

This backpack is really ride or die bag. I want another bag like this for spare…. Is that makes sense? The material for me it’s very good. I mean there’s so many times that I wear this bag in rainy days but the bag still survive without any flaw. So here’s what’s on my bag work edition:

1. Pencil Case
How can I write without my beautiful pens?

2. Wallet
I used to not wear wallet instead using card holder. Because, I wasn’t comfortable to bring cash everywhere. And this wallet came as a birthday gift from le bf. Even tho it’s too bulky for me at the first time but hey, all of my cards can stay at my wallet nicely.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
This is the book that I have to finish immediately. It’s a good book even tho I am still in a half of this book.

4. Djournal Book
It’s just full of my thought for everything that I want to write in this book. It’s a perfect size for me to write, doodling and planning some projects.

5. Hair Roller
I have bangs so sometimes I want to be nicer with “the bang is cute” look.

6. Power Bank
This is my heart for my phone so my phone won’t die that easily.

7. Mist Cologne
I use gojek as my transportation to work like everyday. But the pollution, dirt, sweat you name it. It’s stick in your clothes, hair, and your body. And I don’t want use pricy fragnarance to make the smelly disappear. So I use the Tangled Mist Cologne instead. Even tho the smell is so easily gone but it’s help for me.

8. Mini Book
I use this book only for my to-do-list and quick notes. I won’t waste my post it so I use this mini book instead.

9. Agenda
I do love to write in my beautiful agenda from Bando. It’s fun, so pleasing my eyes. Of course, it helps me to organize and remind me things.

10. Cable Charger
I wont let my phone die so easily that’s why I have to bring this cable charger everywhere. As long as my powerbank.

11. Keys
So I can go home and go to work anytime.

12. Carex
You have sticky hand or dirty area, hand shoes or bag or maybe you smell unpleasant smell. Fear no more carex can save your life. And for me, it must be the purple one.

13. Phone
I mean come on. In this era you don’t bring your phone. If it is you’re one of those guy who not bring smartphone like anyone else. I am truly salute for you guys. Because sometimes phone is a toxic. #justsaying

14. Vaseline
You better google the benefit of using Vaseline and you’ll thank me later. You’re welcome. Like can moisturize your drylips, dry skin or even wipes off your make up.

15. Headset
This is my savior from being bored so I can listen music or phone another co-workers so easily.

16. Make up Bag
Eyebrow, mirror, lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara and that’s it. I don’t use heavy makeup to my office. Because in my office, I don’t please any one. My co-workers didn’t use any make up too. So I just use this product. Even, I don’t wear lipstick and eyeliner that very often. I do wear it if I want to and meet up with someone. And that’s not my bf either. (sorry for the unpleasant empty eyebrow product and broken mirror)

And for another bag is for my lunch bag contain :
1. Water bottle
So that’s I will not dehydrated
2. Lunch box
Too lazy for me to lunch oustside the work office area. Or you can simply order go-food or delivery
3. Umbrella
In case of rain or the sun shine so bright.

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