Drugstore Mini Haul | Wardah Catrice and Maybelline

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Welcome back readers! Today I want to share with you guys my Drugstore Mini Haul. Indeed, I bought some products that I actually need it and of course to try on. Because these brands or products really hype. So why don't I give it a try? It's drugstore product and of course it's affordable yet is it really worth the hype? 

Wardah Lightening TWC Light Feel 02 Golden Beige

I got recommended from one of my friend that this compact powder is good. So then I bought the Golden Beige shade. I wasn't sure is the shade really match for my skin tone? Because, let's be real. I don't really know which one is match. So, I bought the close one with my skin tone. And turns out, it's ok. Even tho not that really match with my skin tone. And I can't wear this for a moment because of the hormonal breakouts. It's sucks I mean the hormonal breakouts not the product. 

Wardah DD Cream 01 Light

Again it's recommended by my friend. I was intriguing with these product because it has SPF on it. Never tried DD Cream before. Too bad that I can't wear this for a moment because I have hormonal breakouts. Maybe after the skin issue gone away, I will give it try. And again it's too light for my skin tone and in fact there's only two shades which means that I have to combine with the other one. Or should I embrace it wearing this "not that good" shade for my skin? We'll see. 

Wardah Eyexpert Staylast Gel Eyeliner 

Never tried this kind of eye liner. At first, kinda intimidating but gathering all of my faith that I can wear this kinda eye liner. I bought and I wore it and not bad at all. I finally can wear this type of eyeliner. The silliest thing was I use the mini size of brush without using the cap of it. And one day, le bf ask me. What is it? Is it how to use it? The brush stick to the cape so it's a long one not the mini one..... Yup, silly me.

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette 030 Rock n Rose

Never expect that this blush on palette really work that well. It's affordable and you can get 3 shades of blush on. How a great deal. I do recommend this blush on palette. For me the color is so pigmented except the baby pink one. I think the lightest one is for the highlight. 

Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof

It's similar with Revlon and Maybelline eyeliner but with cheaper and more amazing results. This is very best for me to use daily. Too bad that I waste my Eye Pencil for not my makeup and when I repurchased it, it's sold out every wear :(

Maybelline Lash Sensational 

Without a single doubt and you can't deny it that Maybelline has the best mascara. Any type of it with the best price and the best results as well. You can never go wrong with Maybelline's Mascara. Am I right or am I right? 

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