Big Bad Wolf Mini Book Haul 2017.. Actually just 3 books

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I was so excited that finally BBW!! I know it's so April 2017 but let's keep it going shall we? Compare to the last one, I guess, it’s more coordinates than last year. They provide the cart, food trucks and lots of cashier. The venue was so big and you had a space to move around even carrying your cart. Nice BBW! Too bad that their not updated the item on their website so at first I thought well it’s not gonna be as good as last year. My trick to get a good book without spending a fortune is,
  1. Grab your cart
  2. Put as many as book that you like, interesting or maybe thoughts.
  3. Don’t think that you would buy all of those book because you will sort it out
  4. Tired grab a drink
  5. Looking for a good book
  6. When you think it’s enough book just sort it out
  7. Grab another empty cart
  8. Put some books that you don’t want or not sure if you really want to read or have into the empty cart.
  9. Voila you’re not spending a fortune because you have to make sure you that you really need to buy that.
I know there’s a lot of a good book with a great deal. If I really rich I would buy everything that I saw. Too bad that I had limited budget L So here they are 3 books that I bought.

1. Coloring for Mindfulness Japan

There’s a lot of coloring book in here but I choose these one because first it’s purple, it’s cheaper than the others, you can detachable and if it’s good you can frame it and last I Love the pattern.

2. 1000 Paths to Calm by David Baird

Thank God that I found this book. Just looking by its cover I put this book right away. I do believe that this book will help calm my mind and another kit for my anxiety. This little cute book is easy to bring too bad that it’s just too much pages and too bulky if I put in my bag

3. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I want to collect the classics story. Even tho I already watch and know the story and look at this cute cover. And the size of this book is just perfect for me. Not too small, not too big or too wide.

Do I regret that I just bought 3 books? Yes I am. But I had limited budget hope that in the next BBW I can buy everything that I want without regretting it.

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