March - April Faves

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Since it’s in the last week of April and I didn’t post March Faves why don’t I combine it? Am I right or am I right? For these two months, there’s not that much product like fashion or make up that I really in love with instead the tv-series and movies. So here they are: ( I do categorize)


The newest version HiVi is the best! Love love!

Heatstroke by Calvin Harris ft Ariana Grande Pharrell Williams & Young Thug 

You Don’t Know Me by Jax Jones ft Raye

Despacito Remix by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber


1. Sherlock

It only took me around 4-5 days to watch all the seasons. And why, I just watched this tv-series. Glad that I finally finished all the seasons. And hope for another seasons. Martin Freeman you are absolutely cute and adorable. I just can’t. The story, twist and plot it’s just really perfect in the modern ways. At first I thought it would be back in the century. I love detectives, scheming, thriller, thinking tv-show and movies. It’s unpredictable. Which is good for me.

2. 13 Reasons Why

There’s a lot of pros and contras in this tv series and I should buy the OG book. Why Winny? Why didn’t you buy that book? I’m looking for the OG book Thirteen Reason Why not the Netflix edition. What I love about this TV-Series, it’s about mental illness, bullying and school with the dark side which of course I love it.

3. Girlboss

Damn girl, never thought that Sophia Amuroso will make tv-show but this is what I need in my life. You have to read the #GIRLBOSS book first and then you can really enjoy the tv-show GIRLBOSS or you can do it either way. Thank you internet people for recommending the book and also the tv-show

4. Riverdale

The vibe is similar to 13 reasons why but this not that as dark as 13 Reasons Why. There’s still humor, fashion, cuteness on it. Which I don’t mind because Jughead aka Cole Spouse and Veronica. My two favorite characters. I do want to spoil you but I keep it in my mind.

Outside of Netflix :

1. Legion

Every year is like Marvel year. I mean they rule, they nail it every single times. And tv-series? This is the very best tv-series I’ve ever watched. Damn it! It’s so good. I love the twist, the plot, amazing actors, beautiful scene and SOUNDTRACK too! I do really recommend you to watch this tv-series. It’s mind blowing.


1. Silence

*this is the novel poster

Andrew Garfield you are the best. I love you. You are amazing. I love “based on true story” movie because it’s real and you can’t make it up. It’s a very catholic movie and me as a catholic watcher I really recommend to the Christians or Catholics or to the world. This movie really really makes me think like a week. For me, it’s the new type and one of kinda like The Passion of The Christ movie with real life. And I really don’t mind to explain the movie to you because some of scenes need some explanation. And tbh, I watched in the theater and there are Muslims that watched this movie too kinda shock for me but I do thanks for those who non-Catholic or Christians. The movie itself it’s not 100% serious there’s some jokes that maybe only Catholics can understands.
2. Beauty and the Beast

This movie bring my humanity back. I cried. It's so hard for me to cry over the movie that I watch. I'm so heartless kinda person. The best live action Disney Princess so far. Emma Watson I’m glad that you pick this role over than La La Land. She’s so perfect being Belle and of course spend her childhood in the set of Harry Potter compare to beauty and the best is no big deal. Everything is so perfect but for me Luke Evans you have to gain weight a little bit more. Please don’t make a sequel for this movie. Because it’s better this way.
3. Fate and Furious

This movie way much better than the last one. I do not put my hope so high in this movie because of the last one. I do really questioning until now people who said that the fast and furious 7 is good. But, I love all the cast too much baldness but hey it's sexy. Chiper you really get down to the character. I hate that I love you. I don't mind to watch this movie more than once. It's kinda easy for me to guess the next scene but hey I love this kind of movie
Sorry for Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2. I thought you could make it to my faves but turns up for me it’s not that good. Tbh, it’s because of baby groot. If he’s not exist, it’s absolutely nothing.

Letterboxd :

I watch a lot of movie and I love to keeping on track how many movies that I watched. Like a lot. And it’s like watchlist for the upcoming movie or the movies that I have to catch up with. It’s like movie diary. Indeed a movie diary. Thank you Letterboxd. Maybe you should add tv-series or tv-show.

Youtube : James Corden Crosswalk the Musical : Beauty and the Beast

I watched this video before the movie itself. OMG, James Corden you are really one of a guy. You really one of a guy. You’re so hilarious and broadway. Of course I mean it in the good way. You really know how to entertain Disney lovers by making this video.

1. Rollover-Reaction Moss

Finally! I am so confident to wear this kind of shade. I wasn’t that comfortable to wear browny shade because in my mind it never work on me. But hell yeah, this shade is so perfect for me. And there’s no doubt to wear this in any occasion. I mean you can wear it daily basis, or going to an event or if you bored or whatever you want. Will I repurchase this lipstick? 100% yes!

Skin care products :

1. Bio Oil

I heard Bio Oil such a long time but this time is my first time to bought it. I already heard the good review about this. At first kinda scary because I have sensitive skin like too sensitive and dry and combination and actually kinda moody based on stress level. But this little guy, help my skin really really well. I thought it would be so oily to my face but then the magic do the magic by itself. My skin is getting better using this.

2. Cetaphil

I’m so tired using so many face wash yet there’s no significant results to my skin because like I said my skin is really rebel like the owner. My first impression using this soap oh I can use it for my face and body and there’s no detergent and fragarance and very clean to my body. Sometimes I do mix it with another body soap to give it a smell fresh to my body. The results are not like a magic just a snap of your finger but I do feel the results and the differences really there.

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  1. Wah belum sempat nonton GirlBoss! Bagus nggak kak? Tapi terimakasih buat segala rekomendasinya, bisa diintipin nanti satu satu :))

    1. Bagus dan recommended banget buat ditonton :) enaknya juga satu episode ga terlalu panjang. Semoga juga ada kelanjutannya lagi di Season 2


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