Rollover-Reaction Review

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rollover Reaction Review

Well, this is my very first time to do make-up review. Bare with me because I’m not a beauty guru more over I rarely wear any makeup except eyebrow and lipstick (even I use lipstick if I go out with my friends or family). But this year, it is my goal that I can wear any make up. So without babbling too much about me, let’s talk about Rollover Reaction.

This is local brand lipstick called Rollover Reaction. I already heard this brand like a year ago but not that interested until they launch The Clique. OMG I have to buy it immediately! Plus, the newest edition is PENNY.

About the lipstick, I bought UMMA, MOSS, and PENNY. The packaging tho, it’s so good and too cute. Everything is in place nothing broken which is a very important. Let’s talk about the lipstick.

PENNY it’s the newest product. Do I think first when will I wear this lipstick? Absolutely not. It’s a liquid metallic color and I’m so excited to try. The first thing I open the bottle, wooaa strong fragrance but it’s smell like chocolate-y for me. Which is kinda bothering me at first because the smell is too strong for me. But hey, if you love the smell of chocolate you really love this. When I first applied to my lips it’s so smooth you can see the glitter and just only one swipe you can get the color. Depends on your lip color, of course. And I ain't regret at all buying this shade. This is very perfect for wedding invitation, party or glamorous event. But for me, I’m not brave enough to wear this on daily basis. More over to office. But let’s see along the day I want to wear it in the mall or hang out with my friends.

UMMA, the fragrance really similar with penny or the other way penny has the similar fragrance with UMMA. But it’s just a smell not a big deal. One swipe I’m not sure enough with the color but the more I’m blending it, the color really reminds and my respond was woaaa it’s the same color with NYX SMLC shade Monte Carlo. Wait what? NYX SMLC shade Monte Carlo is a holy grail for me. Even my friends following me to buy those shade. Such a long time ago. But compare to NYX SMLC Monte Carlo the formula of Rollover-Reaction is more light easy to blend in. NYX SMLC is slightly sticky or thick consistency rather than Rollover Reaction and they have no strong fragrance.

MOSS, the fragrance is same with the others. Matter fact, this is the very first time I try brown or dark color like this. I’m type of girl that play safe color like pink, nude that not too nude or dark, red, purple and that’s all. So this is another challenging for me because it’s literally brown and not a soft color but brown. As soon as I applied to my lips. OMG! I love this color even tho, the color really makes me looks like older, if you know what I mean but I love it. This is the color I can wear it any day, any occasion. The formula, the consistency similar with the UMMA. It’s light easy to blending and bow down to the perfect size applicator for my lips.

Look at that shade tho. How can't you not love it? For me 4 out of 5 and I love it. It is absolutely yesh for me and definitely will purchase this lipstick again.

One does not simply not to buy a new lipstick in one month. #true

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  1. The packaging is beautiful, I love simple packaging like that! Also, I love your photos!
    Aleeha xXx


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