February 2017 Faves

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello guys! I know it's too late for share with you guys about my February Faves but let's talk about the faves of the shortest month of the year.

1.       Beauty and the beast Ariana Grande and John Lengend
First time I heard at the trailer I was goose bumps all over my body. And when the full audio was out I was like #onrepeat and automatically volume up and at least I have to listen this music like 2 times in a day.

2.       You’re gonna live forever in me John Mayer
In the middle of rain or after rain, day or night, reading, in the car, pampering this is really perfect for that time. It’s so easy to listening. Soothing your soul. No hate needed in this song.

3.       The Edge of Seventeen
This movie is so relatable with my life. I cried because OMG I can feel the way Nadine feel. Two thumbs up for Hailee Steinfield because she touches my heart and soul. Even tho the story is about 17 years old and I'm 20-something, the story line is fun not too drama queen or what-so-ever.

I love making movie reviews from Letterboxd because it's effing easy. Even you can hide the spoilers. Let's be friends, follow and add me on angellawinny

4.       Toko Kopi Tuku
Es Kopi Susu Tetangga. This is my holy grail ice coffee. The palm sugar in this coffee is so tasty and yummy. The price tho? It’s only IDR 18.000 or $1 one dollar coffee. One does not simply not to drink this coffee in one week. I repeat. In one week! If you’re not a coffee person try earl grey milk tea. I never like the combination tea and milk. But this, is exceptional. I would like to buy this stock :) :)

5.       Greyzi In Love Catrice Nail polish
It’s kinda difficult for me to find affordable plain grey nail polish. When I saw brand of Catrice and I saw the color of grey that I want I automatically bought that and wore it. And I fall in love with the results. So easy to apply, not to sticky, dry so fast and for me if I applied twice it would last 1 week.

So, that's all for the February Faves that too late. But who cares? :)

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