Birthday Wishlist | 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Beware! This post is gonna be a long one and contains of my birthday wishlist. And btw, the photos source from amazon, google and pexels.

It’s getting closer to my birthday, am I happy? Nope. Am I feeling blessed? Absolutely effing yeshhh!! It’s been a while that I don’t make a birthday wishlist. So here’s my 20-something birthday wishlist:

1. Camera – As usual in any wishlist that I make, camera is number one thing that I should have. This year I want to make it happen.


2. Hair Straightener / Curler – I do mention in my last Christmas wishlist I don’t have any chance to buy this. Maybe I should buy this one. A gift for myself and learn how to do it.

3. Furniture – This is for my room. What I need is a table, bed side table and book case. Because I do have a lot of book and I don’t have any furniture to keep my book and I need working table in japanese style kinda vibe.

4. Books – Harry Potter Bundle

5. Make up – like duh?! There are so many new make up that I want to try and to buy :)

6. Necklace – little tiny staple necklace with the gold touch. I have a very sensitive skin that I can only wear the real gold not the color of “gold” one. and I thought this is very cute for me to wear and not to much for me to use like everyday.

7. Make up brushes - I do want to have a good quality make up brushes set and the morphe vegan brush tho. It's too pretty!

8. Shoes – Nike Air Huarache Run Trainers In Metallic Silver .

9. Solo Traveling - it's one of my bucket list :)

10. One night stay in hotel all by my self - no one will disturb me, respect myself, it's like meditation for my self.

11. Kindle e-book - no reason behind it but I want to have one.

12. Glam glow - Dying to try this one :)

And yesh, it's a very long and un-aesthetic post because I want to post this immediately :)

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