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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year peeps! It's January 1st 2017 and literally my friends and le bf still sleeping. And I sometimes I hate myself why I'm such a morning person and yes I want to talk about future, resolutions in the morning. I know if you're not a morning person you must be annoyed by me. 

Just four of us embracing new year 2017. I have a lot of fun with them after counting down and had midnight new year kiss. I called my mom and dad right away but there's no answer. Even my brother called me first and said happy new year to me first. Kinda shock but feeling happy as well. And after 15 minutes, Dad answered my phone call. It's very touched me somehow and for being in a good mood turned being in a overthinking mood.  #omgtearyinthemorningandinthefirstdayof2017 

It's 2017, we're getting older there will be more newborn baby and like 2016 we might be lose more people we know. It's a human nature and are we ready or getting prepare for the worst? Ready or not, we have to face it. One of the lesson of 2016 that I experienced, I know 2016 it's sucks but don't stay in the corner. Keep moving forward, don't give up. It's a phase where you have to experience the worst. Not like every second is the worst. Like yin and yang, there's a good in the bad and there's a bad in the good. 

Happy First day of 2017 peeps! The title means, two thousands and seventeen, fyi. 

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