November Faves

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hello readers! Sorry for not blogging for awhile because arrange my blog to be more simple. I change the header but feeling it’s still something missing yet I don’t know what but at least my theme is change. To welcoming the last month of the year, I know. I know! The last month of the year and the most favorite month of the year a.k.a December. I would like to share with you guys what I’ve been loving in November. 

1.       Ukulele
It’s one of my project to challenge myself to play ukulele. And this is my very first time to buy ukulele and love at the very first sight. There’s a dilemma when I bought this ukulele. I was looking for the neutral color like white or black or wood color. But I have to wait like 3-4 weeks, the color that ready stock at the moment was purple and yellow one. Since I never play ukulele before I guess it’s ok to buy the purple one, it’s just for learning how to play. And voila, my ukulele was arrived, I really loved it. I thought it would be matte color but there’s a glitter on it. Although the string or chord it’s sounds like a little bit cracked but at least I’m able to play my ukulele. Of course, my ability or skill added.  

2.       Agenda from Bando
This agenda I’ve been waiting like since I was in my university. And finally I got it. It’s like achievement. I really like this agenda the design, the format it’s like THE BEST! The cover tho really stand out. 

3.       Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
I watched youtuber recommended this book and without regret I bought it and when I open the page randomly, I instantly in love and bought it right away. 

4.       Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works. 
We only have 2 season in Indonesia, summer and rain. I never felt fall and winter but when I light this candle. I feel like know how fall to winter is. Is it too much? Well I don’t know. This smell is like the sweater weather. How can I describe this one. Get the picture ? I believe everybody would love this one.

5.       The Exorcist 
This TV-Series tho, OMG! So thrilling and mind blowing every single episode be like OMG OMG what will happen next? If you’re such a good and nice catholic yet close minded and have weak faith you won’t be like this because maybe it gives you bad influence. But it’s up to you guys, I won’t mind to watch this. But if you’re up to religious, ghost, horror a little bit drama. You will be like this. 

6.       Fantastic Beast
Potterhead mode on. I love this movie. This movie is kinda adult for Harry Potter. Not that adult, adult. I mean we knew that we watched Harry Potter since he was very young. And when I watched this movie is like this is the adult version. It's funny, heart warming for me. Definitely watch this movie again and again.

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