Christmas Wishlist

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Christmas Wishlist :
One does not simply not to post Christmas Wishlist, don’t you think? It’s totally ok, totally fine. We’re making wishlist that 50:50 it will be granted and not. You know, I’m such a wishlist person, if that makes sense. So here it’s my Christmas wishlist: 
1.       Teddy Bear
I know, I’m 20 something and I wouldn’t mind to admit that I need Teddy Bear. Childish, maybe. Do I need one? Of course. It’s idk, a perfect gift for Christmas not only for children but young adult / adult / everyone.
2.       Curling Iron or Hair Straightener 
Just because I want to learn how to use it..... There's no specific reason for it.
3.       Mirrorless Camera
Not only Christmas Wishlist but every day wishlist. Monthly and birthday there’s always a wishlist for Mirrorless Camera. I know, I’m working on it. 
4.       Harry Potter Book (all series)
It’s a shame that I never read Harry Potter book yet I’m Potterhead because I watch all Harry Potter movies over and over again. In fact, I read twilight saga instead. Still wondering why I bought that novel and finished read that saga until now. Harry Potter and Christmas is definitely a perfect combination for Christmas gift. 
5.       Make Up Pallete
Because Make Up pallete Christmas-Holiday Edition is just too pretty and just take my money. Or just new make up. One does not simply not to buy new makeup in a month, especially Holiday Season. 

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