Thursday, November 03, 2016

I know I know. Don't judge me. I know. It's been a month more or less since the last post. But, to welcome and to embrace the new month of November which is crazy as hell yet so excited to Christmas. You know guys, I am that person who already listen to Christmas songs since September through January. Yeah, I'm that guy. Because, #duh, it's the most wonderful day of the year. Ok, without babbling too much about Christmas. Here it is my monthly and first time for my blog October'16 Faves. 

Where do I start, I guess I start randomly. From beauty I guess, I ain't the woman who can put their make up on. I really really afraid to become a different person. And that's what I feel when I try to put some bb cream or foundation or powder on my face. Maybe I'm not use to it or idk. So the only thing I can do is lipstick, eyebrow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and powder. That's it. Even I can not put eyeshadow because my eyes is so weird. I don't know. 

From lipstick, I love Rimmel by Kate Moss shade no 107, you can never go wrong with red lipstick. It's matte and long lasting on my lips. And the other lipstick that I love is from local brand called Wardah in shade no 5 called "Easy Brownie". I guess this lipstick is my very first time using nude lipstick and I love it so much. It's matte which I love and again it's long lasting on my lips. Very light, cheap and not sticking to my mouth. Love this lipstick so much!

This month, I mean, October in Indonesia, was like every weekend there's a wedding invitation. Especially by the end of the month. And I can't go just like everyday make up. So my bf bought me this make up starter from Benefit. I guess you already know. 

All of the products inside the box is really A+! The primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder. This is a real deal for me. Because I don't wear full make up on daily basis but for this box is so great for me. 

Moving forward to Bath and Body Works Aromateraphy sugar body Scrub sleep someil in Lavender Vanili. I love lavender and it's so great relaxing. I really recommended to you guys if you love lavender like I do, wear it before you go to sleep. It's moisturize your skin, the scent can improve your sleep quality. It's the best body scrub I've ever used. 

Plus the candles, also from Bath and Body Works in scent Eucalyptus Mint. You guys too bad there's only small version of this. It's so relaxing not too strong scent is like after you shower you feel fresh kinda feel. I would definitely buy this candles for the bigger size. Too bad there's only the small one. 

So for apps and games, my favorite of the month are :


This apps really makes my blogging life so much easier. Kinda a game but actually inspiring you. Whenever, I was so lazy to post and have no idea what to post. This apps really help me. Not only fashion but home and beauty. You can arrange all the things you want. And, idk guys, I believe you know this apps. Like #duh who doesn't know polyvore. I know I'm so bad reviewing this. In fact this is my first time. So just go download it or you can visit the website www.polyvore.com . And just play with it. It's kinda wishlist for me tho. 

Echanted Fairy Tales

This games tho, OMG! I can't stop playing it. You just follow the quest and wait until it's done. That's it. It's very simple rite? I mean there's no competition or what so ever. Just keep playing get the highest level. Too bad it's only three story for now. Tangled, Beauty and The Beast, and Frozen. Hope they can add some stories and expand the land! I currently at  level 13. The hardest part is when you are newbie. You have to collect money as much as you can so you can buy buildings and decoration. And tips for me, don't use diamond too much use it to expand the land. You can check this out before you play it in here.

For tv-series and movies I love this months:

American Horror Story

I'm not a horror person like I enjoy horror movie or tv-series or what so ever. But this! The exceptional. I already heard about this tv-series like from the 2011 but I have no courage to watch this, but when my bf and I watch the season 6. We're just like, is this real? And until now, I really enjoy watching this tv series I want to binge-wacthing this tv series from season 1 but still have no courage. This season tho, OMG it's scary but weird but woaaa mind blowing. 

Doctor Strange

I love superheroes movies from Marvel or DC. I just love it. Doctor Strange is from Marvel who played by Benedict Cumberbatch. For me, the cast is so good. But I don't know man, Benedict Cumberbatch is already has the doctor/smart face. I mean his acting is not that amazing because he got the face. You know what I mean. But I still love him tho. Tilda Swinton is really good in that movie. The story itself was different than the others but for me not that sarcastic. 

So that's a very long post I've ever made. Hope you guys like it, so tell me what's your favorite things in October? 

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