Why Am I Getting Back With My Le BF

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Relationship Update, I getting back with my boyfriend Salvian Kumara. What in the world?! How come? Why? Tbh, I don’t know either.

How can I explain this one. The reason why I broke up with him 1,5 year ago it’s because our religion. Me and my family really strong about the idea of if you want marry someone, your partner must be the same religion as you are.
And me, I won’t change over my religion because this religion makes me who I become today. You get it right. My friends told me, we can’t judge their kindness based on their religion. I agree but this is for my own life. Everybody has their own choices, perceptions and standard. You know what I mean. Salvian is Christian and I am Catholic. Lot of people think is not that different but guys, still, it’s different. So we can’t be together that’s why we broke up in March 2015 whereas, October 2015 was our 4th anniversary. I repeat 4th anniversary.

After broke up with him, I was in relationship with my another boyfriend (let’s call him ex) and we’re broke up. But Salvian, is not the one who ruin our relationship in case you’re wondering. After I broke with ex, I spent my day with my small group of friends and there’s Salvian. We’re friends. Maybe it’s so awkward when you had to friend with your ex but I got that feeling awkward when I just recently broke up with Salvian. But I got use to it back then.

From this one, I have to use Indonesian Language to make it easier for me to write this post. Hahahahah. And I will make like and Q&A from this one :
  1. Kenapa balikan? Karena udah capek dimanfaatin sama cowok. Hati dan perasaannya dipermainkan. Dan ternyata yang bisa bikin nyaman, cuman Salvian dan bisa menjadi diri sendiri ya Salvian. 
  2. Emang cowok cuman Salvian doang ya, belum nemu aja kali yang pas. Emang ga cari lagi? Iya cuman Salvian doang. Hahaha. Idk. Aku cuman ngikutin kata hati aku. And maybe it's too soon to say this but aku yakin sama dia. Udah 3,5 tahun kita jalanin sama-sama, berantem, marah-marahin, kekurangan kita masing-masing, you name it, kita sudah tahu semuanya but in the end we're still together. Kalau udah ga tahan, 3 bulan juga udah putus kali.
  3. Alasan putus kan karna agama, terus balikan lagi, ntar putus lagi karna alasan yang sama, gimana tuh? Kita tahu kok, masalah kita tuh di agama. Dan hal ini bukan hal yang sepele. Tapi kali ini, kita sama-sama berjuang supaya kita bisa bertahan dengan hubungan ini. Is it just me or what? Ketika ketemu dengan orang yang sesuai dengan tipe kita perfect lah tapi ternyata ga seiman. Giliran seiman, dia bukan tipe aku. 
  4. Apa sih sifat yang ga ada di orang lain tapi cuman ada di Salvian sampe segitunya banget? Tulus. Semenjak aku putus sama Salvian dan bahkan sempet pacaran lagi, aku merasa dimanfaatin. Ah lo-nya aja kali win terlalu sensitif dikit-dikit dimanfaatin. Let me tell you this, and name this one. Dia bakal ada kalo ada butuh doang giliran kita butuh dan dia ga butuh, emang ada? 
  5. Kalo tulus banyak kali win, belum nemu aja. Ya mau sampe kapan? Masa iya aku harus relain perasaan aku ke cowok-cowok buat nemuin yang bener tulus sama aku.
Yang pasti, aku percaya kalau orang yang sudah menikah. Pasti dalam hubungannya pernah putus, break dan segala macemnya. Tapi disaat keduanya memang yakin dan percaya satu sama lain. Pasti ada jalannya. I know, I'm not getting marry tomorrow or whatsoever. But this is my thought and I'm just sharing with you guys. Who knows what will happen next? 

The idea of blogging about this because I miss my bf so much. Although, I feel so insecure to post about my relationship. It's so judging me somehow. Anyway, the last time I meet him last Thursday and the signal of his area really bad because he's on climbing situation. And before he goes, we heard that two people already missing in the mountain although it's not the same as Salvian's mountain but still. I'm so freaking worry about him. Look at his photo, omg I wanna hug him so much. I miss youuu and love you more than you know.

                Love and Cheers, 

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