What Lesson Should I Take

Sunday, October 02, 2016

I want to share with you guys about this post, keeping it in drafts for so long, so here it is. Age is just a number, I know. But I won’t regret once I got older or reach 30-40 something. I want to be an active person, more productive, do something useful for me for world. Plus, I am getting weaker. Read the post in here.
Frankly speaking, I drop my master degree. That’s why I need to replace my guilty feeling for dropping my master degree. I will post about the reason why I quit my master degree. Let me know.

For today’s post I want to concentrate what I love to learn and maybe you can give me your thoughts about what lesson I should take.
1.       Singing – I love to sing, my brother and father, they’re so confident to sing. But me, I’m not confident like they are. My mom even forces me to join a band, to appear on stage, wedding singer and such that things. And I wonder, maybe I could try this.
2.       Dancing - I can’t stay still. Whenever there’s an upbeat music, my body would not stay still. More over, if I hear Korean songs that I know, I will dance not in publicly but silently. Somehow, I am confident about dancing but feeling so insecure because my face is not pretty like the other dancer. That’s why I just keep it to myself. Dancing is the best workout for me. Plus, I want to join ballet class for adults. 
3.       Cooking – It’s one of guilty pleasure of mine that watching cooking-food channel even in my facebook I like to share cooking video. Like a lot. I can cook but too lazy and knowing that I don’t have oven to bake something.  
4.       Designing - I have no background to design something. I learn designing by myself and I want to deepen my designing skill.
5.       Photography – I love photography. My brother is photographer and I am the amatuer one. 
6.       Language
a.       Korean – It feels like they "colonize" Indonesia. Am I being silly or what? I don't know it feels like that. So, before it's too late I want to learn Korean language. I do learn Korean language from the drama korea that I watched. 
b.      Japan – I learn Japanese language from Manga or Anime and also I work in one of Japanese Company in Indonesia. Sometimes it feels suck when you cannot understand what they're talking about. And the culture of Japan that I cannot resist. 
c.       Germany - I have the basic for like 3 years because there's a subject in my senior high school. So why not Germany?
d.      Italy -  you know why
7.       Certification
a.       Adobe (After Effect, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop)
b.      CSCU
c.       SAP
d.      Management Project

And also I would like to improve my social skill, I want to be more social and being social people. I want to join club, volunteer, or part of some organizations. The point is, I want to be busy and networking. It’s a good thing, right? 

So what do you think?


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