Day 28 : 14 pieces of advice to a teen who is graduating high school

Monday, September 12, 2016

Counting down to the end of this challenge and it's late because I just got home. So sorry, better late than never right....
14 pieces of advice to teenager :

1. Read as many book as you can. 
2. You can't please everybody
3. It's not the end of the world if you break up with your boyfriend. It's ok and actually it's a process to accept the reality
4. It's ok to loose your friends. You will know who would be there when you're in the hardest time and remember who put you in the hardest time
5. Save your money to travel. Life is not about living in just one place
6. Don't be so hard on yourself
7. Chin up, don't look to your smartphone or laptop too much.
8. Finish what you started 
9. Life is about to begin 
10. And you realise being teenager is way better than being 20-something
11. Accept the rejection and failure
12. Do not stop learning.
13. Love your family because as far as I know, Mom is always right
14. Be bilingual or at least mastering more than 2 language besides English

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