Day 24 : Lesson you learn the hard way

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

After more or less 3 hours of singing, eating pizza mie, and chit-chat with my mom, finally I can write this post. Wow, today's topic really makes me think so hard. So here they are :

1.  Driving 

My parents taught me how to drive, first it was my mom and second was my dad. My dad is very perfectionist about driving. So, my mom taught me the basic and then dad can judge me. I remember the very first day of driving to the main road with mom and dad used my car, it's so tense. My heart beats very fast and dad really really blamed me if I did mistake. Even until now but not like very first time. After driving for like 1-2 weeks, my Dad won't allow me to make driving license. I cried a lot. And force my mom to let me made one. And yeah! I got it. My driving lesson was really drain all of my feelings and tears. But eventually, I got it. 

2. Friendship / relationship

As you may know, friendship or relationship is really something that I hope going well. All of the drama that I caused or they caused really made me stress. And I guess this friendship / relationship issue give me anxiety even until now, well sometimes. Because I'm being so hard on myself to think so much about what they say about me. But because of the experience that I've got, I know that I don't hope too much for them and I should give them space. You know what I mean. Because in the end, you just can rely on yourself.

3. Singing

It's not as hard as driving or friendship/relationship but I was being mocked by my friends since I was in elementary because I don't have a good voice. How come can I sing, if I don't have a good voice. I used to join choir in junior high but it won't well because I failed and still being mocked with my friends because of my voice and I'm singing. But, just because you're not good or ugly or tone deaf doesn't mean you can sing. I do still sing until now, I just don't have the confidence to sing in the public. 

And I guess, that's all. See you in the next post! Bye!

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