Day 21 : What 3 lessons do you want to teach your children to learn from you

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Good evening guys! Sorry for the super lame blog title pict, I don't know I just like it. I hope I can make a better one. Just finger cross! So here's the three things that I would like to teach to my future kids from me
1. Travel as much as you can

You only life once #yolo. Literally. There's so much places that you have to visit. And it's not only cities, villages, land, or continent. You have to see the under the sea too. Or maybe you can go to the other planets, moon or even galaxies. You have to see the world as many as you like.

2. Respect the others 

The reason why it's just click in here

3. Just be yourself, don't think whatever people say about you, be kind, 

I guess for the third, it's more than three things that I would like to teach to my future kids but bear with me. I know it's too mainstream or maybe it's just the old sayings but you cannot make other people happy and please with you, you have to be yourself. No matter what happens people always judge you. And don't worry, you can do anything with your mind and be kind with everybody

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  1. Such a lovely post, I agree with all of these things! I've barely been abroud and I want to travel so bad after university.


    1. Life doesn't mean just staying in one place you know :)


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