Day 18 : 30 facts about yourself

Thursday, September 01, 2016

30 Facts about me:

1. I’m (Angella) Winny Narwastu Wijaya from Indonesia born in Bengkulu, March 2nd 1993 which means my zodiac sign is Pisces

2. Catholic

3. Family always comes first especially Mom

4. I love Italy

5. Have a unique way to love someone. I love my Mom and my boyfriend. The way I express my love to them is kinda harsh makes people think omg you’re not polite or whatsoever. I give you example, if my mom and or my bf sick or something bad happened to them (just don’t) I will mad at them. I can snap them or blame them. It’s because I am so worry about them and I am so pissed blame myself that they can be like that because of me. That’s what I thought. To my mom, I will be such a spoiled-brat. To my bf, I will be so sarcastic. I love slap the forehead my boyfriend and mom. Somehow, we enjoy it (?)

6. I have anxiety

7. Sarcastic yet sensitive (not all the time depends on the mood)

8. Ice Cube is my guilty pleasure

9. I’m a morning person. I can’t awake more than 8.00 AM sharp even if I sleep at 7.59 AM

10. If I watched tvseries I will watch until the latest episode in just couple day. I have to be an up-to-date person. If I want to I can spoiler it to you. 

11. I love anti mainstream and do not enjoy when people getting hype about it

12. I do have resting bitch face and people think that I’m bitch, rude, cocky, or whatsoever.

13. Awkward for the first time embarrassing you when we know each other. I am so shy person but when you know me I can be very chatty. That’s why I am ambivert.

14. Multitalented. I can cook, sing, dance, play instrument like organ, piano, and keyboard. can play and do some sport like swim, running, basketball, soccer, futsal, badminton, tennis, softball, volley, thai boxing, ball and jack, cycling, snorkeling, skateboarding, and ice-skating, I can speak only based on what I watch like Japanese, Korean, Germany, France, and Latin because I sing Gregorian

15. The laziest person on earth

16. I used to eat fifth times a day since junior-senior high school

17. Minimal once a year I passed out.

19. Never get bored with The Sims and Candy Crush

20. I hate when people lie and smart-ass

21. Feeling unwanted is the worst feeling ever and I get used to it

22. I have a perfect eye but still want to wear glasses to look more, smart. The idea of wearing glasses makes me more wise and intelligent. That’s why I love and collect sunglasses

23. Whatever I drink like coffee, tea, milk, beer and so on, I have to drink water. My favorite drink is mineral water

24. Everything with cheese, count me in and added more cheese

25. I have trypophobia. I have goosebumps when I type that word. Just don’t!

26. I hate and afraid of insect or bug even the prettiest one like butterfly. Cockroach is my enemy. I remember I can go downstairs and cry in the stairs because there’s a cockroach. In fact, I have to open the door because my mom and dad arrived. And they mad at me.

27. Don’t tell me to eat vegetables because I won’t eat it. If you let me be, I will eat vegetables

28. I love watching movies and I can somehow predict the end or the scene of the movies. I will say the movie is good if I can’t predict the movie. All the genre is fine by me except horror. But eventually I watched it but regret later and not watching it 100% because I covered my eyes.

29. I cannot stay still. My body is very active or hyperactive. I have to shake or move my body. Like shake my leg for an example.

30. Internet is my life.

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