Day 8 : Share something you struggle with

Monday, August 22, 2016

Things that I do still struggling with : 

1. Anxiety 

Yes, I admit it that I am still struggling with my own anxiety. It's not that easy to get rid of my anxiety. There's a beauty in anxiety in my pov. If you want to see more about my anxiety. Read about my anxiety post in here

2. Jealousy

It's not like, me being jealous with le boyfriend close with other woman. More like, me being jealous with other people's life. Yes, I know. You can blame me. I should be more grateful for what I've got because there's a lot people who still need some help. I do still learning how to reduce my jealous level towards other people. I believe there's not only me who struggling with jealousy. And speaking of other people, maybe they already deal with it. By turning the jealousy to motivation. If people can do it, why not me? Yeah I Should learn that too. Or maybe they don't know it yet.

3. Body Issue

I am not that confident to talk about my body. I do feel so much insecurities about my body like my tummy, fat belly, arm and thighs not that firm, have no muscle, acne, no eyebrow, stretch mark, and so on and so on. I know I am not VS angels even their have flaw on their body that we don't know. I guess, I should be more grateful too because I still have my body part intact. My eyes still working perfectly. Yeah, while I'm writing this I should be more grateful. #selfnoted 

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