Day 4 : Write about someone who inspires you

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The first person who inspires me the most is my mom. It’s too mainstream. Yeah, I know. My mom always giving me the positives vibes to me while I’m so negative and or so dark.
The only person who always make me smile and I want to be with her as long as I could, I become such a cry-baby and spoiled-brat whenever she's around, is my Mom. I won’t get bored with my mom even tho she always playing Candy Crush and she left me. But being around with my mom is feel like home. Because the only things she shares are kindness, forgiveness, love, positives, all the good bright side stuff. I never heard mean or bad or evil things about my mom from people. That’s because she always be nice to everybody. She respect everybody. Even tho, I am so far away with my mom’s behavior, I am still learning to that phase. Mom never tired to tell me to be kind, nice and all the good things about the other people even sometimes I really sick of it but remember mom always right when mom is wrong she's always right. 

This is the latest picture of me with my mom taken by my bro.

And the last, tbh, I don't have any specific person that inspires me. Weird, so do I? Because I have my point of view that everybody can inspire you. Your enemies can inspire you. How come? Maybe you hate the way she/he talks. Without you knowing, you won't talk like she/he talks. Is that makes sense? You know what I mean, rite? And that inspires you. Not only person but animals, plants, earth, religion, google, facebook, twitter all the social media platform, websites they can also inspire you. At least, for me. And that's a lot not only someone but a lot. In my opinion, be yourself and f-word what they think. This is your life and that all matters. 

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