Day 2 : Write Something That Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forgot

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I am a sensitive person but I am not the typical kind of person who showing it off if I'm showing it that because I can't keep it any longer. I like to keep it to myself because I don’t want to hurt them. I do respect their opinion towards me and knowing the opinions will make a better version of me.

The easiest to remember what they said about me that I never forgot is your ex(s). I remember they all said that I have beautiful voice. And you may know, I am not confident with my own voice. I am so rarely to sing in the public. I always sing in the car, motorcycle, my room, in front of my family, karaoke with friends and the boyfriend. I do join the church choir but that's all. Even the ex(s) said my voice is beautiful until this second I am not brave enough to sing in public. The weird thing is that my friends never judge my voice or how I sing. My mom force me to join a band, sing in the public and take singing lesson.

Still about my voice, back in elementary school, I was in second or third grade I guess, it was art subject we had to sing in front of the class but we sang together not alone. I didn't know who but I heard someone said that my voice was shrill. And that's the main reason why I am not confident enough to sing. I only sing in front of people that I know for such a good time. The way I speak, my voice is shrill. My friends makes a jokes on it but I get used to it. You feel me guys?

These sentences change my life. My classmate give a paper to me not to read it but to deliver it next to me. But I did sneak what she write on that paper to give it to my friend. And this was what she wrote “Lo suka ga sama Winny?” “Do you like Winny? (but in a bad way)” and my friend confused and eye contact with her, and mouthing why? She’s weird and most of us think so too. That what’s she answered. And the cool kid on my class stare at me like “ewh” stare. You know what I mean. And so it begins why I have an issue with friendship. Just because I am weird. But what I learn from that just don’t give a damn and don’t trust people. Thanks to her, if I change to be normal like them, I will be just faking it. And that's not who I am.

Move on, my ex-crush and ex(s) (is that make sense?) said that I am very very kind. He’s being too much but I kinda flattered the way he said to me. You are the most kindest person, Win. You’re an angel. And I answered, nah, it’s bullshit. Even your mom? He said, after my mom of course. You really nice and kind Win. I don’t know what else I can do without you because you always there. You are one of people who change my life. I never thought that I will take a job before I graduate. You encourage me to do interview and you are the one who stay with me when I am nervous.

Well, what I learn from the story, he used me. Because I’m more wealthy than him. I even picked him up and take him home. What? Yeah, I know. Why winny why?

I do have resting bitch face. When I dislike someone or in the bad mood, I really really put my face really mad or angry. That’s why sometimes people think I am so cocky “jutek” or you might say sassy and unfriendly.

Bitch please, it’s my template. So yeah, those are my stories about me that I won't forget because of them. I like to be this way.

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