Day 17 : The night of my last birthday

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I would say it’s the worst birthday ever so far. I never thought that being 23 y.o is going to be hard way for me. After I had birthday dinner with my family, I do realised that I was alone. Feeling alone even tho you surrounded by people and yet still feel alone. The only one you can always count is your family and yourself but sometimes you can't pour it out to your family so you can always depends on yourself only. 

That night, after my birthday dinner, I went home and back to my room. I had a fight with my ex. I don’t remember what we’re talking about but the point is I was very disappointed with him and I nearly broke up with him and anxiety attacked me and we were still together at that time. 

I cried so much back then and the level of my anxiety was worst. I hate that night. I can't talk it out with my friends. I won't. It's pathetic and humiliated me. So, I just keep it to myself. And, yeah, I was alone. Somehow, I won't share this problem in this post. 

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