Day 16 : Something that you miss

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's continue to Day 16, shall we? Something that I miss :

  1. Childhood. I believe people or maybe just me, prefer childhood rather than adulthood. Food, clothes, homework, cartoon, games, sleep, nap, texting via SMS, friendship, comic you name it. You just have to choose between this and that. It's so different when you reach adulthood, you have to take huge responsibilities, work, money, project, relationship, marriage, family, networking. It's so exhausted just to think about that. 
  2. Tolerance. The level of tolerance in Indonesia for religion, I feel like it's getting decrease everyday. We used to celebrate Eid-Al Fitr, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Nyepi, Waisak and so on without discrimination what religion we are. I am so freaking sad, angry for those people said that they're not allowed to say Merry Christmas just because of their religion. It's like that I'm not halal for them you know what I mean. Where people throw open house and we come to celebrate talk and eat and visit another house. I really miss that moment 
  3. Technology. I miss the old technologies where we have to buy or wear more than one gadget. If you want to take a picture you have to use camera or if you want to listen some music you have to wear walkman or discman, or if you want to work you just use computer. I know that todays technologies really really help us from every aspect. Timing, multifunctional, speed those 3 and the other things really really improving. You have smartphone where you are not only use it for phone or texting but make a video, camera, listen to music alarm, email even you can play instrumental as well. Life is so much easier now thanks to technologies we can't sleep because we're so addicted.
  4. Teenage me and teenage now. Teenage now they can put some make up on. But me, I just know how to fill the eyebrows like 20 years old. Teenage now, they spend their life just to check their social media but for those who born at '90 era we're not spending our time to check our phone but connecting or networking with other people. Todays, we're so rely on our smartphone and internet. 
I guess that's what I miss. What do you miss right now?

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