Day 14 : Favorite movies that you never get tired to watch

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tbh, it's so hard to choose because I watch like a lot of movies and in fact, I forgot what's my favorite movie until someone talk about it. You know what I mean.
So I decide, I choose my fav movie based on my passion like, food-cooking related, musical, dancing, never getting bored to watch that movies:
  1. Julie and Julia 
  2. No Reservation
  3. Burnt 
  4. Chef
  5. Step Up 
  6. Bring it On 
  7. Mamma Mia
  8. The Sound of Music

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  1. Why dont put burnt in a first place? I really loved that movie, it
    s about a michelin star cheff, I'm drolling all the time when he cooked.. hahhaha..

    1. Because Julie and Julia inspired me to do blogging :)

    2. wow that's greaaatt! Keep it up gorgeous! =D


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