Day 13 : What’s in your bag

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday nite, staying at home, played sims all day long. And voila I post this what's in my bag. Currently I wear tote bag from forever21. Simple black tote bag. Put everything on it but hard to find the item that I want. So here it is:

1. Iphone

It's part of my life, this is how I connect with the entire world using internet connection. 

2. Card Holder

I rarely to use a wallet anymore. I put most of my card in my cardholder. Identity, debit card, sbux card, insurance card, STNK, driving license, and so on. 

3. Carex

Lazy to wash your hands there's carex

4. Keys

So I can get in to my house 

5. Cable Charger

To charge my phone. #duh

6. Earphone

It's a must item for me. 

7. Notebook

I write whatever I want on this little notebook. To keep remind me for what should I do, what should I buy, the favourite things, and some rubbish. I like to write something so that's why this little notebook from Muji to keep me company. 

8. Book 

I always bring book even tho sometimes I just bring it and not to read it but at least this is my backup plan when there's no internet connection, my phone died, bored or waiting someone in the coffee shop. Currently I read, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

9. Makeup Bag

I am no Makeup Artist, just broken mirror (I know some people believe that's bad luck but for me, I do not care because at least I have mirror), 3 lipstick (red, pink, purple) and of course EYEBROW!

10. Handcream

To makes my hands is smooth. Love the scent, rarely to put in my hands. If I remember, I will use it tho.

11. Eskulin 

I do want to smell fresh. So I bring my favourite scent since I was in 5th grade and it's so cheap. So I wouldn't mind to wear it as much as I want. 

12. Baby Wet-Tissue 

Lazy to wash your hands, still, there's wet-tissue. And I choose the baby wet-tissue because there's no alcohol which means I can use to my face and body. Rarely to put in my face btw...

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