Day 12 : 5 blessings in your life

Friday, August 26, 2016

Before I go to bed,  here they are 5 blessings in my life (sorry to post it like this, it's because I am sleepy and having deeply conversation with le bf) :

  1. My Family : They never leave me and love me unconditionally 
  2. My anxiety : Somehow my anxiety makes me who I become today
  3. Internet Connection : I know what are they doing and thinking. And it makes me famous you know. 
  4. Cheese : my parents should be proud of me because I am cheese addict not a drugs.
  5. Winter and Christmas : idk, it's a holiday season and I'm grateful to spend it with my family. Although there's no winter season in Indonesia but how lucky for them who can spend White Christmas #lifegoals 

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