Day 11 : Your favorite color and why

Thursday, August 25, 2016

You can guess by the picture. Purple. But it’s not the only one :

  1. Purple-violet-lavender-lilac you name it. As long as red and blue getting together I love it. I find it very attractive for me. Not only mysterious, feminine, sexy, but luxurious, magic, vintage, sweet, edgy. All about purple, I do love it. Because you can be unpredictable. 
  2. Gray. I don’t know it’s the color of future, minimalistic, add some glitter or metallic it can be silver or chrome. 
  3. Blue-Greenish or cyan (I googled it) it’s my favorite color when I was a little and until now. Cheerful, beach, happy, you name it. 

I guess I love all the color. It depends on the mood because idk, I don't have any explanation on that. But there is one color well maybe the color that I rarely use it like in everything is Orange, like solid Orange. It gives me some feels like I do not that match with that colors at all.

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