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Thursday, February 25, 2016

02.03 is just around the corners and this is my first time that I'm not so excited of my birthday. What? Is this for real? Age is just a number. Yes, I know that. Truthfully, I am so terrified with my goals and my parents. Why? Because life goes on, and one day I will marry with someone and I have to spend my life with him and of course my parents getting older too and hey, face it they won't be with us like forever. Don't you scare about it? I am!

The older I get, the only thing I want is surrounded with beloved people. Not the fake one that only saying happy birthday wish you all the best stuff but the truth is they are just saying so nice being so polite or whatsoever and they notice my birthday just because from their friends or relative or Facebook reminder not because they remember my birthday. #imjustsaying Well, life goes on and I do not give a f! But hey, thanks peeps, for making my notification so colourful. Really, you have like a minute or so to type my birthday greetings. So appreciate.

Am I being so sentimental with birthday thingy? Is it because I'm getting older? Well, duh?! Win, everyday you always growing up either your mind and your body and of course your soul. Silly me. And you're not the only one that growing up win. Puhleasse!?

I might say that age never define your attitude but your attitude that define your truly age.

Tomorrow, I will post my birthday wishlist present! It's been a long time!

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