Birthday Wishlist 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hi peeps! Sorry for the late late post. I know, I should be sleeping at this hour but my brain really force me to post this one. Why Winny? Just Why? Raining in the outside, can not sleep, awake because of something-flying-and-spread-the-burnt-smell-and-noisy turned out it was wasp or bee or idk what's the name of that. So, shall we?

1. SHORT TRIP (anywhere really besides of Jakarta and Depok)

Well, currently unemployed, and I do really really need some short vacation. I wanna have a great sweet little escape. Something to refresh my mind, body and soul. Something new to my brain. It would be the best gift I've ever had so far if you or somebody out there, invite me and get lost together (not being kidnapped ) and take so many cool photographs or video. Well, I had a very hectic life before I resigned. I mean, since I got an internship, I never actually have free time or me time. I can not enjoy my holiday because of my mind won't stop to think about the office or campus thingy or family matters, you name it. I need to relax, inhale and exhale. I won't ask to go to outside of country. Well, I won't rejected but currently I am jobless. So Puncak, Bogor, Bandung, Anyer, I do not mind really. I just wanna have a short trip with my beloved or friends or family. It's like, it's time to restart, Win. Don't you think?

2. Hair Straighteners / Curling Irons

Yup, I wanna learn how to use this..... I know, sounds so lame. But hey, better late than never right? I wanna curl my hair. You know, human never satisfied what they have and especially women. I have a straight hair and yes I wanna have some curl in my hair. And if I have curly hair I wanna make it straight or wavy. You know. 

And this set is from NuMe, and I know this product from youtuber. It's recommended they said and I wanna try it. Well, any products will do I just wanna learn and how to style it. You can buy in here!

3. Liquid Matte Lipstick 

I am so freaking obsessed with LIP KIT BY KYLIE ! OMG! Yup, I wanna have all of their shades. It's so pretty and gorgeous I wanna to buy it and wear it. And this lipstick, always SOLD OUT! Yup, why Kylie Jenner why? 

One does not simply not to buy a new lipstick in one month. Yup, kinda overreact but the struggle of being woman in 20-ish and all new lipstick really really pretty and hey come buy me, said the lipstick. I wanna try Milani, Girlaltick, Lime Crime or even Purbasari.

Image source : google

4. Books!

To accomplish my new year resolution, I have to collect the books that I want. It's about 12 new books. Not just to collect but I do MUST read it to be a better human. I already have the book wishlist but you know, it's so many and the laziness just attacked me. Remind me to make a book wishlist ok? 

Well, #girlboss and the girl on the train are the book that I want to read just because people talked about it and kinda mainstream but hey, I am interested with this book. Why don't you let me to buy and read it so you know we can hang out and talk about it together. I wanna add reading as one of my hobbies besides watching movies and tv series. 

And I won't reject if you directly give me 12 new books. And can I be more specific? Please, imported book because I want to improve my English skill. YASZ?! 

Image source : google

5. Camera

Just gimme one of these. K? Still have no cameras. My brother has it but you know it belongs to him and he won't lemme use it just because I don't know how to use it. Meh.. Don't underestimate bro! It's so pretty and I know mainstream but I wanna have one of these. One day, I will buy you or even greatest than this or my brother's. I do really like photograph, capture the moment is really something for me. Because moment never change. 

Image source : sony

6. Speaker

Me. Being radom. As always. Want a wireless speaker. I mean the good one. What for Winny? Just having fun. Beats, JBL, you name it. But yeah, I want one that portable so I can bring wherever I go. 

Image source : JBL

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