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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Yeah, I know it's so mainstream about the title. Can we just get over it? I wanna share with you guys about my resolution. And yes, you know me (wait what who?) I like to make a wishlist, resolution  eventho the results not maximum or 100% but just give it try and kinda one of my guilty pleasure you know. 

Without further due, here's my resolution 2016 :
  1. Getting a new job (good environment, near home)
  2. Like the other years, no more passed out / getting healthier 
  3. Eat more veggies and fruits
  4. More exercise, getting in shape, less fat hopefully can reach 45 kg
  5. One year with beloved Chris
  6. Proper rest time ( approx 7 hours of sleep)
  7. Less anxiety (yeah less)
  8. New phone 
  9. Saving money ( IDR 20)
  10. More read and write
  11. Less junk food
  12. Less spend the money on food, more to beauty products or books
  13. 12 new books
  14. More organised 
  15. Less procrastinating 
  16. Tonite I will discuss with my beloved to make a monthly resolution. I think it's a good idea. Don't you think dear?
And out of nowhere, I think I might try to be a youtuber but well idk! So good nite peeps!

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