Friday, July 04, 2014

Heeyy peeps! It's been a long time, isn't it? The final exam is over. And I hope I will get a good score. I don't want to take a short course anymore. Please I really thankful if I get C rather than short course. Well let's skip that. 

So this is 4th day of holiday. I spent my holiday in home basically. Enjoy being alone at home. Watching tvseries and youtube and movies of course. I think this week really weird. Mashed up feeling. Joy, happiness, relief, confuse, sad and even I cried. But today,  it opens up my mind. Usually my-negtive-thoughts attack  me but now slowly but sure the positive thoughts and my another point of view somehow it's open. I hope it's stay like that like forever. Keep positive mind in my mind. Note to self.

Well, I don't even have any plans to enjoy my holiday. Well I actually had but dunno still waiting and I hope I got it. Well let's see and wait for the result. Yeah, I bet you didn't understand what I am talking about. Sorry. I am so bad at explaining still learning. Moving on... 

I called this holiday project. I wish I could make it happens. It's still just plans. First, I want to make a meals. I want to improve my cooking skill. So, why not right? Second, gettin shape. I am 'that' type. 'That' means I am the person who called myself fat but my friends keep sayin that I am thin. But I insist that I am fat because my mom says so and I believe it. So yeah I am 'that' type. Honestly, I wanna go to gym or car-free-day run or whatever happening in Jakarta right now. But to be honest, I don't like that. It's like you just want to show off rather than want to get in shape. Well some people I think did that but some not. Swimming and dancing are my choices so far. Third, I want to get whither. As an Asian being white is important Idk why but it's true. The more you white the prettier you are. Yeah it's so silly.... But why not giving it a try? 

Yup, that's my plan. My wishes. That I hope I can make it happens. And if I failed who cares. I am the one and only who knows the progress. And by the way tonight, Germany vs France. World Cup babyyy. Hawwtt guyzzz everywhere. And p.s I am so lazy to use my laptop, so I blog at my phone instead. 

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