If Only They're Eternal

Monday, February 10, 2014

Evening people! How do you do? Still in the middle of final exam but posting something on my blog is so tempting. Btw, Happy birthday to my one and only superhero, Dad. Wish the very best for you, stay healthy, keep smiling and more loving. God always bless you, Dad. It's very interesting day for me. I accidentally met my aunt in the middle of exam and unexpected accident of friend of mine. Well, I won't talk about it. 

So, silly me in the morning, I should have studied harder but dummy me just browsing the internet and I found a video from youtube that really touch my mind and my heart. I can't stop thinking about it. Honestly, I am so spoiled girl to my mom but only to my mom. Well call me such a baby but you don't know how much I love my mom. So, it really bothers me. How can I prepare for something that unexpected like I will lose my parent? I am not ready yet. I mean I never ready to lose them but somehow they will...... 

Aaaannnddddd I cried in the morning and I didn't study for my exam. So dummy me.

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