10 Days To Go

Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 Days To Go to The Academy which is OSCAR!!! I can't wait!! BUT! It's not only Oscar but my birthday as well. Show off? Whatev! Nothing to do and wait what I haven't make my birthday wishlist yet.. So.. people out there if you want give me here's my list for you to give me something or all would be nice. 
  1. My very first wishlist is I hope I can do well in 6th semester I mean. I hope I can go along with my friends, I can study more harder yeah something like that. And I wish for this month until my birthday, I wish my score will be OK for 5th semester because I really wish for this year, I don't have any short course. Please let me pass all the course for all the semester. I just wish that. C it's way better than D. That's my wish
  2. I hope my house renovation is finished. So tired with the sound, the dirt. Just please make it faster.
     3.  I need vanity in my room.

 yes all of that design need in my room!!
    4. MONEY! Yeah, just give me money and then I will spend my money to shop whatever I want.
    5. Books. Yeah go ahead to check my book wishlist or you can click here for quick link.
    6. Make-up and body care yes! For my age and I'm young adult and also I'm woman. I need make up. I 
       mean I wanna be more lady than I am today. The online shopping on Instgram really tempting me. Like
      I want buy it all! It's the cheapest and shockingly the products sometimes not available in Indonesia. So...
   7. I need refill of my mini instax. So I can capture my birthday.... Weird winny
   8. Backpack. Yeah, I need cute vintage backpack. 
   9. Shoes. A good shoes will take you a good place. Yeesss!!!!
   10. All girly things..... Hahahahha. what's wrong with you winny?
   11. Money. Yes, I already said it but seriously give me money so you don't have to think what should you
         give me.

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