Be merry!

Monday, December 30, 2013

How rude I am. I'm not giving you a very merry happy holly jolly merry Christmas.. My mistake. So, I wanna share you my little Christmas tradition. Me, mom and dad go to church for Christmas Eve mass usually we will wear fine dress, except my dad of course. My brother had a Christmas tradition by himself and with his girlfriend which is I'm very sad about it because we no longer celebrate Christmas together. Family is numero uno for me. After the Christmas Eve mass we will go to the restaurant, Christmas Eve Dinner. We chat, we eat, we drink and then we go home. Oh by the way, we always listening Christmas song in our car and I always singing.... Hahahahah.. And the Christmas day, our family will go to our aunt and uncle house to have breakfast and lunch Christmas. It's getting fat time. Christmas is about family time, it will have a different feeling on Christmas day. With joy, smile and laugh. The best holiday every year. Well, that's it. It's my Christmas tradition on my family.

I always have an imaginary mind, what if I live in the country that snowy.. Yeah, in Indonesia there's no snow and not to mention but muslim is major in my country. So you know what I mean.. I still can celebrate Christmas though. So back to the imaginary mind. If I lived in country-that-snow-on-Christmas, here's my tradition that I made it on my mind. A month before Christmas I would decorate my room or my house with Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, lights and so on. And of course Christmas songs. A week before Christmas I would bake a cake and cookies. Buy a good book, nice movies, hot chocolate, coffee, eggnog, soft comfy blanket. Christmas Eve, I would go to church for Christmas Eve mass with a fine dress and warm jacket because it's snowy. After the mass, I would go for fancy Christmas Eve dinner with red wine or champagne with my love one. After that walking around the street to see the lights. Christmas lights. And then ice skating. It's a must to do list on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas day. After that I would go home, change clothes with the big warm sweater and socks drink hot chocolates, sit in front of fireplace and listen to Christmas song, turn off the lights except Christmas lights. Watch movies with blanket or read good book or novels. Oh my God, I'm dying right now. On Christmas day, if I had uncle or aunts I would go there and celebrate Christmas with them. And if I don't have one, I will stay on Christmas and cook turkey or Chicken or pasta, or invite people to come in to my house. Oh how lovely.... So what do you think?

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