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Friday, November 08, 2013

Hey people! Thanks God it's Friday~ not because tomorrow it's Saturday but because today I have a day off. It's me time and you know what. I have no plan for today and downpour comes and I am all alone in my room! Heaveen~ Like, ok this is perfect for me to blog something. Maybe some people waiting for me to post something but who? I don't know but well let's continue. 

So I want to share you guys about my taste of music. Well basically, I love all the genres depends on the mood. Yeah, when I'm happy I want to hear a song like upbeat, jazz, or anything like that. I think some people do the same thing like me but I don't know like I said before when you are happy you enjoy the music but when you are sad you take a deep down with the lyrics. But I more like an easy listening music. And I less like the genre of Malay dangdut or something like that. If it's or fun, not so much. 

Well song of the day, I'd like to share with you guys, it's from Ariana Grande feat Nathan Sykes Almost Is Never Enough. I do listen this song like almost 130 times based on my itunes. Hahahaha. It's very calming down me. 

And another song that really fit with this situation is from Glee Make You Feel My Love covered by Lea Michele the original song, sing by Adele. I more like listen by Lea version because fit in tribute to Cory Monteith. So deep!!

Well you just need tunes of piano and a beautiful voices to make me feeling so comfortable. Yeah, easy listening!

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