Aloha September

Monday, September 02, 2013

Wait what?! September already? Wow, time flies so freaking fast. Goodbye Summer, goodbye holiday, goodbye goodbye! Hello fall, hello September. As you know, today is Labor Day. Happy Labor Day people! Please appreciate for those who works very very hard. You are nothing without them, me thinks. 

FYI, my first of September was not really good at first. I was knowing my class for the fifth semester which is I should more study harder because there's a minor project which is a mini final project for one of my requirement to graduate. Oh it's so hard. And also I didn't take a same class with my friends. I'm separate with the others. Like I was being dumped. Is it too much? Yes I admit it, it's a little bit too much. The minor project contain 5 people which is the very important thing for me is one of us should make an application or a program for a store or even company and voila I can't make it... So it's very important thing for me to get friends that really responsible and can make a program. hahahaha. So yeah moving on. The schedule didn't show up yet. It's very important thing for me to know the schedule. Hmmmm. So for my university activity there are a few things that I should concern before I start it. First, knowing the schedule. Second, got a group. Third, I should pass the exam for my short course. And finally, I should keep saving my money. One month to go. Yup!

So that's why yesterday I really sad, upset about anything, not in the good mood to everyone even it's my boyfriend, over thinking, and so on. Yeah, unstable. But in the middle of the night. Around 9-9.30 pm guess what? My lovely boyfriend came up to my house. I didn't expect that he would come. Yeah he brought my charger and books that's the reason why he came to my house. And there's a little extra. 4 mini rainbow cakes from djournal which is before he gave rainbow cake, I saw my cousin posted a photo at Path of rainbow cakes at Djournal and suddenly I want it... I never thought my Salvian would give it to me. Oh My God, that's why I love him so much. My 4 rainbow cakes cheering me up until now. Thanks God that I have him until now. And I'm speechless now.. I can't describe my feelings from yesterday until now. When everything seems so wrong for me and sad about everything there's always someone who makes you smile. And finally my first September was very great thanks to Salvian. 

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