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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hey cake lovers! I'm starving for Rainbow Cake since the first of August. OH MY GOD! And I can't resist of the cakes from Colette & Lola. I've never been to the cafe that locate in Senopati Street, Jakarta but I've already tasted the cakes and it's so damn good. Almost of my friends already got there and me.... Just looking at the picture. BUT!!! I still can taste the cake at Djournal which is in Citos. My new favorite Coffee Shop! Ok back to the cake... (it's so good phrase by the way.. hahahaah) You can go to their website and be ready to drooling. It's not a perfect time if you go to their website and you're hungry. Big mistake just like me.

Red Velvet
This Is Not An Oreo Cake
This Is Not A Lego Cake
Image source: Colette & Lola

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