A Conversation With Mom

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Good Afternoon people! And welcoming for August! Yeah!! So there's a moment that I think really touch me this afternoon so far. A conversation with mom. It's about money. Mom really concern about my finance. And I'm the type who can't save money for a long term. Sorry.. I really love to buy some food and in the end all of my money is in my tummy. So that's why I have 3D tummy. Hahahahahaha. Me and my mom think that I'm fat but the other people think I had good enough body. Well, idk. The point is, Mom won't me to spend a lot of money for unuseful things. Actually, I really know everything. I mean I know what's bad for me and what's good for me. I already know but sometimes I'm not really into it. I should distinguish for unnecessary things and very very important things. Is it really really important for right now? Is it just a desire that can be gone? Would it be useful for now or later? And so on. Mom shared about her experience that  really "slap" me. Oh yeah you can't buy experience. I know it's very hard to look a job that match with our wants. The reality in working world especially in Jakata it's way too hard. Experience is the reason why we should live more longer. 

So I want to challenge myself (where's my 2013 resolutions?) for this August. I want to save my money. I mean like seriously. There's a project coming up that I should save money to buy those things. I hope it's gonna be success! Hopefully

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