I'm in Love with July

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hi! How's my new blog look? It's better by the way. Hahahahah. So I really thankful with my dad for gave me a handbag which is I really love it. It's from h&m. He bought at Malaysia. 

click here to see the detail!

And it's from my mom, she bought me lipstick and eyeliner from Revlon. It's kinda amazing that I have lipstick. Because I'm not the type that use make up everyday but mom wants me to learn so I will not shock in the job... Ok mom... I will try it.... 

So yesterday, my family got invited to a wedding reception at JW Marriot. Me, mom and my brother went to that hotel which is I'm so excited to go that hotel so I can eat a lot. HAHAHAHAHA. Free food people, why not? The theme so beautiful. Purple everywhere, love love love! And by the way, there's a funny thing. Mom forgot to bring her heels!!!! And me bring 2 shoes one heels and one converse. So, mom use my 10cm heels and I wore converse. Luckily, people didn't know us. We're just stranger. And I'm confidence for what I'm wearing. Besides I came here to eat! Hahahahah. 

That shoes!! My mom, really tired use my heels! Hahahahaha

The exam score finally showed up except one. I'm so nervous for that course because I had a maximum absent so I thought perhaps the score didn't show. But I'm being patient to wait that score. So far the score is good. Thank to God that I have no more short semester. Hallelujah! I had breakfasting with my friends and it's so lovely day because we made surprise to my friend Wulanweki and also with my bf Salvian by Pizza!! Hihihihi. Isn't it such a lovely month? Yeah I'm in love with July! 

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