Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hey May! What's up? Yesterday, I just watched Iron Man 3 on IMAX with Salvian. In fact, we're still on the last midterm week. HAHAHAHA. End of April not so good for me. :( Do you ever feel like you failed all over again? And I'm just like, what's wrong with me? I know Einstein failed all over again but it's not even motivating me..... And when I felt that way, I was thinking to shop fancy stuff, eat in the fancy restaurant, and   also I can't stop thinking about my "projects" not college projects. Remembering all college stuff make's me want to puke. And this month in a catholic it is supposed to be Rosary Month. I should pray more. Wish for my mom health all family member and not getting D in my subject. Really, I begging you all my lecturer. Huhuhuhuhuhu. That's my maywish, not failed on my subject :(:(:(:(:( well what can I do if I failed? I should study hard (in fact play harder) in my revenge in the final exam. Period. Hope my Maywish becoming true. Finger-crossed

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