Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi ladies and gentlemen~ It's been a long time right? Sorry not to update this blog. Well, how's life? Me? I just let it flow like water. And today I really happy and so thankful to God. My wish coming true but only 2 more to go that I don't know the result but well hoping for the best. It's ok if I will fail. I was thinking back then, is this really me? do it the exam? or the lecturer really nice to give us the really good score? or is it actually I do smart? Well the answer is, thank you God, thank you lecturer. 

That's life. Besides, these day, I don't know, I've been feeling like an adult. (well to be honest it's very shame) I really open minded not like always. Sounds like I'm so old, isn't it? I really try to be positive to myself, one by one, step by step. Examples, I do worry about my remaining score but if it's not like what I expect well I should take a revenge on the final exam. I should be more exciting, right? Hope for the best for me. The best song really suit me for today is This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys

Enough for all about me but MOM! Last Sunday was actually Mother's Day. Oh my God, I really can't stand about talking my Mom. I always teary if I talk about my mom. Besides, her health isn't good until now.  She's really my super woman to me. Honestly, I really really really spoiled girl (am I supposed to call my self girl? ok lady. Fine) to my mom. I love my Mom so much. Even more than much. For now, I really won't to lose my mom. 

You are the yolk to my egg white! 

Love that sentence. That's impossible that one egg just have only the yolk or the egg white. So am I. Sounds very hyperbole but mmm. Whatev! Rule number one: Mom is always right if Mom is wrong back to the rule number one. I agree! 

Mom always told me to thankful for what I got. Don't ask but give. Don't always to "look up" but "look down" (it means like, don't look at the people who got it all but look at the people who struggling to get food. the point is, look up it means rich people and look down means poor people) I always note it to my brain. Well sometimes I really under control but try to be more thankful for what I got. And do not showing off. I really try to be humble person. Hehehehehehe. 

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