Your Life Must Be Very Hard

Monday, April 08, 2013

Mondaaayyy! My programming quiz, hmmmmm, well not bad and not good too but yeah I just wish for the best! *fingercrossed* Today's I can say it's so interesting. In my opinion, human can resist the jealousy. Admit it. Me, of course. Especially when your enemy had something that you really really want it so bad and so long. Yeah jealousy can control our mind and so on and so on. Had a chit-chat about money, well I guess   everything need money. I mean in the end, it's all about money. But the things that you can't buy with your own money are family, happiness, love and experiences. Think about it. Well perhaps you can buy it but is that really really true feelings? I guess nope. Here's to the people that think your life is very very hard but in the other way you can enjoy that what you've already got. 

Think again

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