Victoria's Secret Summer Picks Favorite

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Sssuuunndaaay fellas! It's time for lazying, listen some good music, eat whatever you like, do some exercise and so on! My morning, jogging with my mom, it's for her health so I must accompany my mom! I don't know why posting on my blog way much interesting than study for my midterm. Hmmmm. In fact I should study hard for not getting D score anymore. Hmmmm. Please people give me some luck! I really need that. 

So, I know some of girls out there ready to long Summer Holiday to party hang out some guys, beach, sunbathing, and so on. I'm so envy for you guys but no worries. I just pick my favorite brand from Victoria's Secret (hello, who doesn't know this beautiful brand that having 'angels' who have delicious body and we're all envy with all that body) 

  1. Tie-back Maxi Dress, click here for buy it!
  2. Maxi Wrap Cover-Up Dress, click here for buy it!
  3. The Caftan Dress, click here for buy it
  4. One Shoulder Cover-Up Dress, click here for buy it!
  5. Ombre Cover-Up, click here for buy it!
  6. Create your own - Bikini Mixer
  7. Create your own - Bikini Mixer
Look at their body, delicious and me envy. Yeah, I love bikini mix and match. I just pick 2 favorite of mine because it's so many design. hahahahah. Love, Victoria's Secret :*

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