Super Sun(glasses) Spring Summer Favorite Picks

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Weekend people! It's time to parteeyyy!! Not! Stuck at home prepare for my midterm. Ugh! But anyway, I need glasses to study. ??? Hahahaa. I have normal eyes. But me, weird as always, think using glasses makes me look diligent, smart person. Besides, my glasses' already broken :( :( :( It's so freaking sad and I want to buy a new one like right now and there's but in there. I SHOULD SAVE MY MONEY FOR MY PROJECT :"""" If only one of you can buy me these glasses' I believe that you're gonna go to heaven. Huhuhuhu. Spring summer coming up why and here's my picks favorite from Super hand made in Italia (which is my lovely country) It's very very super cool awesome design. Sunglasses and glasses, COME TO MOMMA.. Hahahhaah Here it's...

  1. People Francis, click here for buy it!
  2. People Acqua Blue, click here for buy it!
  3. Giaguaro Black, click here for buy it!
  4. Panamà 45 Black, click here for buy it!
  5. Panamà 45 Faded Grey & Crystal, click here for buy it!
  6. Classic 53 Black, click here for buy it!

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