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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hello People! Yeay April! Wahoo! This is my first post for this month, April! So what's going on with me? After the Holy Week, I've made up my mind to become more productive (let me say that)  But the reality, well it's still in the progress. Nothing is really instant except instant noodles right? (what are you saying Winny?!) Well, slow but sure. You don't understand? Believe me, it's on my mind. The only person that know what's going on on my mind is only me. Skip about that...

To be honest, this week is so so so so so lazy. My level of laziness is about 888888888. If 8 is laying down it became infinity. That's true. so true. I mean. I ain't no spirit to do something except surfing the internet but  PLEASE INTERNET ENTERTAINING ME!! Hmmmmm. Calm down win, take it easy. I should make the presentation right now. But, yeah the laziness empowering me. Huhuhuhu. My saturation level's almost reach the maximum. I really need a great escape. Beach, mount, shopping (please give me like $10,000,000 and I will spend it wisely) oh come on, I really done with these assignments, exams, projects thingy. Nothing special with my life. Oh come on, give me some extra something into my life.

Oh btw, I just watched a really knocked-my-heart. I wanna ask you, What will you do if the one that you really really love passed away and you are not there beside her/him? What you gonna do?

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