I Need The Answer

Saturday, April 20, 2013

HOME!!! Whoot whooot whoot! I dedicated that this month, the most tough month so far. My lovely uncle left us but still in our heart, my heart, and mom just hospitalized. :"""""""""""""" When I heard from my brother and my mom, I directly cry out loud. Really it's painful. But now, Mom getting better and home already. The most touching moment when brothers father came to see my mom. One of my aunt cry because Mom sicks. It's so deep feeling. Mom really superwoman for me. I never be ready to loose her. Never.

Besides that, next Monday I will start my mid-term. Truthfully, I never understand any course or subject in this semester. Pity me. I'm so afraid that I got D score which is very sad. Hopefully the lecturer give the best score for me. C is enough. The assignments and the projects really killing me. None of them, finished by me. Oh God! If only I could graduate at this seconds, I would like to!!!

And the most distracted my mind my brain is my relationship. It's stuck on my mind and I can't share with my friends. Just overthinking that can kill me so slowly. God give me the answer :""""""""""""

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