Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy SUNday people! Yeah, the Sunday morning is the best morning all of the day besides Monday until Saturday. Don't know why. You can gather with your fam and it's so warm feeling. Oh by the way, Happy 17th for me and my Salvian. YEAYY!! Thanks God for having him until now. Don't separate us!! Let the problems troubles make us stronger. Oww yeaah! So, what will I do for today? 

I wanna share with you guys about someone give me a "huge bitch slap". It's not a slap-slap. So here's my share. Last Friday, I had a class. It's not a very major class but it's building your character. It's very important by the way. The lecturer is so funny, so brilliant, me thinks. I prefer attending to his class all day long than I should think and exercise the assignments for major class. Well, because I fell so comfortable in his class. Ok let's continue. The wise word that can slap me so damn hurtful. (not in the physically but mentally I mean) let me remember. Oh! "When you want something in your heart, that really really want it so you make a wish from your heart. It will be coming true. The problem is some people are not patient... So desperate and hopeless come to people. And the wish will be disappear slowly." well something like that, I just underline the point. Wow, that's really damn true. All my wish in my heart really coming true... So I keep it that way. And the last from my lecturer "When you hate somebody, you have revenge on somebody well don't being too much. If you hate, just hate. Don't over-hate them. Because one day, the people that you really hate can be in the top of your life and you depending with them." Again I just make it up and underline the point. Yeah, from now on, if I hate people or revenge or want to kill people, I make it in about one-two days not a year or forever. Because if I hate them, they probably getting stronger. No, I'm the person who want to become stronger. I've already tweet my words about "If you hate me, I'm getting stronger than before. If you love me, I'm getting weaker." Yeah, indeed. We are so fragile. Sinful. But God want us to repent. It's never too late. The homily for today really connecting with me in these few days. The wise words changing me now. Hopefully I can be mature and face all the problem wisely.

And here's a picture from tumblr. The wise


Yeah I can't live :(


:O noooo!!

Oh Snap!

And sooooo many on Tumblr. Just tumblring people!

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