Where's my brain?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yellooo Peopleee!! My last Monday quite interesting. I thought I couldn't get class for SP. The web was down and I was like. OOHH WHYYYY!! All the calumny words just flow like the air. Hahahahaa. But it's just for a while. And voila~ finally I got it. Woo-hoo!! Thank you my Jesus! Oh yeah. And I won't get the D score anymore. Just don't. C it's ok. I will try so hard for this semester. Please accompany me, k people! Oh yeaah!!! 

So today, I just want to share about my brain. No, I mean what I'm thinking and wanting so bad just right now. The fancy restaurant in the town. Yeaaayy! I didn't mean to be high-class or something. I just curious that's all. Besides it's so fancy for me. And not all the fancy restaurant that I would pick. But someday I will eat there. So here's my picks:

  1. SKYE, it's a very hot restaurant these day. Well, I've already heard about last year or something. It's very beautiful view in the night. Perfect for candle light dinner with your lover. And I'm so dying want to go there. Hahaha
  2. Segarra Jakarta
  3. Pizza e Birra, well it's not so far away from my house. It's in Gandaria City. I've always passed the restaurant. But never eat inside. Hahahaha. So curious I am.
  4. Pizza Marzano, the smell from Pizza Marzano really 
  5. Lucy in the Sky
  6. House of Bagels 
  7. Pisa Kafe
  8. VITTOBENETO CAFE ITALIAN, here's the review
  9. Kitchenette 
  10. Sunny Side Up
  11. The EDGE, here's the review
  12. LATTICE CAFE, here's the review
  13. Sugar High, here's the review
  14. Bookshelf, it's so near in my house. But why Winny? The purple really filrting with me. hahahaah here's the review
  15. Atavola
  16. Social House 
  17. Annnnddd all the Italian restaurant
So what to do you think? Me just being random people!!! Ciao!

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