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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey people, miss me? Nah, I hope you miss me. Hahahaha. Hoping too much. By the way I'm in one day holiday! FINALLY!! Time for lazying~ Oh yeah!! Well, I'm already 20th now.. #shy How come? Lemme tell yaa! (slapme)

I suddenly woke up around 3 am. I was so shock. I thought that in the middle of night at 00.00 someone called me but I couldn't remember it. And I went back to sleep again. And I woke up once again check up my phone. And voila, my Salvian actually phoned me. HAHAHAHHHA. I laughed at myself. Why I can't remember that night? So I called Salvian back, make sure that he really actually phone me. No answer, well I couldn't go back to sleep that dawn. I decided to reply the "happy birthday winny" thingy. It's such a lovely to get those but actually I was thinking that they really mean it. I mean "wish you all the best" what best for me people? Anyhow, forget about it. I was overthinking that's all. Thank you people for those who still remember my birthday but actually you remember because of Facebook! Hahahaha. That's ok!! I'm happy btw. It's really the very best feeling when you get attention from your best friend that's today is your birthday but you know what? It changed a lot. Finally Salvian phone me back. I directly asked him, did you phone me last night? He laughed. Yes, I did. What we're talking about? Your birthday wishes honeey..... And my brain thinking so hard, gosh I can't even remember it. But I'm so happy, he was the very first person who said happy birthday winny. Wiiiii!! Well I was playing with simi. And this.......

Why Bake? Why? What's the point simi?

And dad sent me this. THANK YOU DAD!!

So me and Salvian met up to breakfast together. He said that he forgot to bring the present. I said it's ok to him. And then he planned that he want to go to Central Park to meet somebody because he bought RAM so COD. At first I didn't believe it because it's so strange. Why he didn't ask me to come with him? But when he explained it's COD so I believe it about 70%. Well I didn't care. Gosh, I still used to study something in the far away campus. It's my birthday. Why oh why? But it's ok actually. HAHAHAHA. The class was over around 4.30pm and when I went out from the class. No sign of Salvian. I called him directly and no answer. I text message to him then he replied. My friends wanna wait Salvian with me, so well good for me and I shouldn't be alone. And Salvian showed up bring the present. I KNEW IT!!!! Boo, you can't do it!!! When I  opened the present........................ MINI INSTAX..... About to cry then I hold it. Guess what my friends already knew about this.Pity me.. I actually knew it already the present. I didn't know why but my guess was correct so... am I fortune teller or what?

just don't look the face. So chubby.............

About to cry when I read the letter. So sweet, actually he really want to me cry or what? Every he sent me a letter, it makes me cry..... so touch!

And I went home with Salvian, mom asked me to go home first then I could go wherever I want. I've got appointment's with my Salvian to Saturyday night and also meet up with my best friends, But boooooo! Mom asked us to home first. And we're arrived. GOSH! (I always said gosh.. it's really sounds good actually but never mind) there's a celebrate food. In Indonesian, we called it Tumpengan. We will eat it when we're celebrating something. Actually for a BIG day we can eat it. But it's from my parents and I'm so happy. And my appointment canceled right away. I invited my best friends who want to meet up but they can't (as expected because it's too suddenly) 

So mom and dad were home, my brother (still not said happy birthday to me when everybody in my house already said to me except hime) I didn't have any idea where was he. Me and Salvian played my dell. Mom was watching tv. And voila, my brother home!!! Wait... with his Girlfriend.. Me and mom was so shock..... What's she doing in here? Anyway, my brother brought me pizzaaa!! Aaannnnnddd birthday cake from his girlfriend. Well, I was so thankful everybody gathering in my house. The food was so delicious and it's a lot... Before we ate, we prayed. It's our tradition for our family to celebrate birthday. Each member prayed for the birthday person. But my birthday there're 2 guest. But I knew they must be prayed for me. HAHAHAHA. 

And my aunt from my mother came late because she stuck at the traffic jammed after church. I was so happy surrounded by my love of my life. Thank you God for everything!

This is Tumpeng. Indonesian food. It's so big!!

Just don't look out our faces. Just don't. We're silly so what? Actually this is my super dad! 

Mom, Dad, Me and Salvian :)

The picture was taken by Wega Wicaksono used a new camera Canon 5D Mark 2 the lens i don't know. But It's the power of Canon 5D Mark 2.

We're chit-chat together. The night was so SUPERB. The best day ever and ever. My birthday wishlist? It's just a wishlist and a things. The most important for me, my family still be with me untill now. What a huge gift for me right? I still have a perfect body no disabilities. Thank you so much God. Thank You!!

The next Monday, was a regular day. I was going to campus in the morning and still feeling a zombie. I was planned that I should buy some things for my room but it's not complete. Well, we decided (Wulan and Fee) to go to 711. I bought cheetos with cheese. NYUM! HELLO FATTY! We're waiting in here. I don't know what we're waiting for. I was so sleepy. Yawning all the time. Well, I said I wanna go back to sleep. And I forgot to tell Salvian to meet me at Sevel. Well, I text Wulan to tell him. About want to sleep (but still played with laptop) my Salvian came to my room! WIIII!! And then he want to mad at me but actually he can't. He acted so strange. He looked at the left side. I was so curious what's going on and I jumped out and voila. My friends I mean my bitches (hahahha sorry I mean in the good way) hold a cake!!! I just laughed out loud. They wanted to surprised me but they failed and all because Salvian. OH MY GOD!!! IT'S SO UNPREDICTABLE at first. But then it all made sense.

So happy until about to cry (still) pray for everything. Thanks God! The best month ever so far!!

They know I loved tiramisu cake. And they bought me 2! Thank you so much!

It's so shamed, 20th. Well, I was so blessed. Thank you all my family and friends. I'm ready to face 20th now.

And the last from Sushi Tei with my Salvian. LOVE LOVE ALL THE WAY!!

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