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Friday, March 22, 2013

Heeyyy howdy people! I just want to say hi for my readers. Hahahahahah. Hi!!!!

Yeaaah, I do still alive. I know I'm so sorry to be exist. Well 2 days off really made me so happy. Yeaaay! Homeee!!! It's supposed to be for my time but well I should take care of my house and fam as well. Mom sicks again and it's really a huge punch in my heart. Really, it's suck. Mom always home late. And she directly sleep there's no time for me and her to share what's going on today. I always told her everything. Yeah, she's the only one and one only who I really trust and to share. Besides my Salvian, duh!

Well, I went to my mom's room and I gave her massage to comfort her. Oh by the way, I'm not the type when someone who I really loved is sick. I'm not soft attention person to the sick people who I really loved. IT'S NOT ME!!! Well, I absolutely blame and mad the person who sick. Yeah, I really mean and cruel. But it's my way to show my sympathy when they're sick. You got what I mean? Well, example. Mom sicks and I being so fussy kinda mad to her but in the good way. And back to my mom, yeah I blamed her because she ate the taboo food for her healthy. Hmmmm. Sorry mom. :( I'm just so very very worried about you. And I'm not ready if I loose you. I mean, never ready :( Share this and that. It's good to be home and with mom. 

Remember, "Mom always right. Even when mom's wrong, she's always right" That's true.

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