Holy Week

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello y'all! This week is Holy Week in Catholic. I was google-ing surf the internet and so many facts that I never heard before. Wow! Actually yesterday was Spy Wednesday! And also I was shocked about it. Spy Wednesday is commemorates the day Judas Iscariot lurking in the garden of Gethsemane before betraying Him, Jesus Christ. And today is the Holy Thursday or you can call it (me actually said it) the Last Supper. 

This Holy Week really really temptation for me. I don't know. I feelin' like a bitch who hate people. It supposed to be I should welcome with them, humble, open-minded but guess what? I'm so childish in this week. Oh God, forgive me!!!! :(:(:(:( Well, being sincere for me is really really really hard. So many thoughts in my mind that I couldn't resist. O, Almighty God please forgive me. :"""""

I supposed to be off-class today but the campus thingy prevented me to go home. So sad :( The Holy Thursday, The Great Friday and Easter Night. The 3 days in a row I should go to the church with my family. But now I should go to the campus but one thing that makes me so happy is next Saturday I will be at home. Woo-Hoo!! No class for me. I should focus to the Church my spiritual mind. God please forgive me and forgive us. We're nobody to you.

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